Aloha Intuitive Therapies

paie Paie is an advanced wholistic health practitioner with over 25 years experience in health and wellness. She was trained by her mother, a well known spiritual medium and many other powerful teachers.

Paie lived in Hawaii for many years, studying the ancient Wisdom Teachings with Hawaiian Kahunas, Kumus and Kahus. By learning to live in aloha, these powerful teachings and the aloha healing path formed a strong foundation for all of Paie’s work.

She has taken several groups to Hawaii to study with the Hawaiian Elders (Kumus) and visit sacred sites. Over the years, through her practice in Sydney and Gwinganna, Paie has treated a diverse range of clients, including many well known celebrities.

She has a reputation for exceptional healing, body treatments, intuitive readings and coaching. Whether it's massage, spa treatments, astrology, tarot or coaching, Paie’s ultimate aim is to inspire you to connect to your Higher Self. She is known for her powerful healing touch, integrity, intuitive abilities and aloha Spirit.

Paie is also an accomplished teacher who continues to research esoteric and soul centred astrology and conduct workshops and courses in astrology, tarot, meditation and personal development.

Here are a few of your delightful possibilities.  Feel free to mix and match or talk to Paie at the commencement of your session to find out what might be best.

Hawaiian Temple Bodywork - Aloha Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork is a sacred practice that has been handed down from the ancestors, from generation to generation through the Hawaiian Kumus, Kahus and Kahunas who are the honoured guardians and teachers of secret ancient knowledge and wisdom.

dolphins Lomi lomi is an expression of aloha (unconditional love) that brings calmness, stillness and contentment.  It is a reverent and respectful journey of the Spirit that uses the sacred breath of life (the ha breath) to instil the power of healing.

Lomi lomi flows with aloha and infuses us with mana (life force) through which we experience the expansion of unconditional love.  In this sacred ritual of transformation, you will experience prayer (pul’e), chant (‘ole) and your intention will be embodied through loving hands, mana and Grace.  Hot stones are used with essential oils, quintessences and sound healing to further enhance the experience.  Lomi Lomi embodies the spirit of aloha which is a way of being for Hawaiians.  To live with aloha is their secret to well-being that involves loving intent towards all people, all beings and nature and the understanding that we are all connected in oneness.

Aloha is unconditional Love, Light, Presence and Excellence of our spirit (Uhane) and humaneness in Pono (balance).  Truly an experience of Heaven on Earth!

Aromatic Massage

In this treatment, we use the healing power of aromatic essential oils to create a deep sense of physical and emotional relaxation during which stress melts away.

bodyworkPele’s Gift — Hot Stones Deep Relaxation

This treatment uses warm volcanic stones that have been smoothed over time by flowing rivers. These gifts, from Pele; the Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano, are used to heal, relax and give malama (total loving care). The treatment brings the body, mind and spirit into harmony. With essential oils, you will be left floating and energized with an enhanced feeling of connection to all.

Sparkle — Purifying Body Polish

A relaxing treatment to purify and detoxify with deep cleansing that revitalizes the skin and body. Hawaiian salts and therapeutic essential oils nourish your body and spirit leaving your skin glowing and you feeling totally relaxed. Enjoy a rain shower to invigorate and cleanse followed by a relaxing massage with organic moisturiser that restores your vitality and serenity.


In this treatment, we use the reflex points in the feet to restore balance and health. The technique relies on the flow of Chi through the body’s meridians and organs to promote wellness and a deep sense of relaxation.

Reiki Crystal Healing

Reiki is a form of intuitive healing that balances and transforms the body’s vibration and vitality; aligning the mind and heart with Spirit. Reiki channels universal energy that balances the chakras and aura soma, quintessences and crystal sound therapy are also used. (Optional vibrational essences available).

Soul Centred Coaching/Counselling

Clear confusion, gain clarity and feel connected to your authentic Self. Resolve short and long term issues such as relationships, career or identify your higher purpose. Connect to your own inherent wisdom and intuition. Expand your awareness and align with your highest potential.

All information exchanged in a coaching and counselling session is treated with the strictest confidentiality in sacred space.


tarot-card Astrology is an ancient science that connects us to the cosmos “as above, so below”. It is a map of your soul’s potential journey and purpose in this lifetime. Through astrology, you can identify opportunities and directions in life that are aligned to your highest purpose. Astrology provides you with a blueprint for life. It can give you clarity about the inherent gifts and strengths you bring to this lifetime and all of your relationships. Astrology assists you in making intuitive choices by understanding powerful cycles and timings, thus allowing you to always be in the right place at the right time. In your astrology session, your natal (birth) chart is translated for you.

Soul Path Tarot & Numerology

An ancient divination system that uses powerful archetypes and intuitive guidance to provide insight and clarity. By connecting to your Spirit Guides, you can shed light on relationships, career, health and family. Gain clarity to achieve your goals and connect to your higher self. Paie has been doing Tarot Readings for over 25 years.

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