The Age of Intuition

by Paie Haagsma, Astrologer & intuitive Healer

We live in exciting times, surrounded by accelerating shifts in consciousness and radical change. Old social, economic and political structures are rapidly collapsing, leaving us with a feeling of uncertainty. And yet, it is this new era of uncertainty that presents unique opportunities for us to grow.

Mstar-canoe2uch of the change around us is reflected in the patterns and archetypes of astrology. Astrology reveals to us the nature of the current cycles and the shift of ages that we are in. By understanding these cycles, we step back from fear of the unknown and open ourselves to new possibilities.

The Age of Reason is ending as we enter the Age of Intuition. We now require new skills to intuitively navigate thru the dramatic changes ahead. Among these skills more than ever is the ability to trust, re-connect with our higher purpose and know how to live in light and not fear.

Now, exciting opportunities lie in being conscious and in choosing to be aware and responsible for how and where we direct our energies, thoughts and behaviours.

The canoe of oneness is a symbol for us all to "paddle together". It is a metaphor taught by the Ancient Hawaiians that continues today in the message of the Hawaiian Elders.

It is the 'Aloha Spirituality' of love and joy and it is a message for our times; one that counters the message of fear that is so prevalent in the world around us.

Now is the time for us to align to our highest potential so that we feel empowered and transformed.  This is the essence of all my healing work.