Why Have a Reading?

zodiac-sunAn astrology chart, often referred to as a natal or birth chart, is a map of your soul’s journey through life. It relies on the sun, moon and planets to reveal the many different paths you can take through life.  It is also very much like a blueprint of your soul or life purpose on the planet at this time. Astrologers can even focus on particular aspects of your life such as relationships or career by interpreting the alignment of the planets in your birth chart.

Paie has almost 20 years as a practicing astrologer and her soul-centered approach will enable you to view your life's challenges and opportunities in a new light.

By having an astrology reading you will be in a position to make better decisions, resolve behavioural patterns that no longer serve you and move forward with renewed confidence.

Benefits of a Soul Centred Reading

Through a reading of your astrology chart, you will be able to discern:

  • Your highest potential in life and some of the choices that you can take to achieve it
  • The opportunities and challenges that you face for personal growth
  • The patterns, behaviors and core scripts that you brought with you at the time of your birth
  • New ways to empower yourself and align your life to your highest potential

Types of Reading

If this is your first astrology reading, you will probably want to have a Soul Path Reading which will provide you with a detailed overview of your life path from an astrological perspective.. Alternatively, if you've had an astrology reading sometime over the last few years, then you may wish to ask Paie for an update which is referred to as a Transit Reading or "the year ahead".  Astrology sessions are 1 - 2 hours long.

life-theme-reading-largePaie also offers readings that focus on particular life themes and if you relate strongly to one of these themes, then that may work better for you.  You can focus on relationships, your inner goddess, your zodiac child, health and well-being or your vocation. If you have burning issues in any of these areas of your life, then a Life Theme Reading may be the answer. Read more

How is an astrology session conducted?

You can have a phone or face-to-face session or you can simply order a Speciality Report that is totally personalised for you based on your birth data.  No two reports are the same.

If you have a phone or face-to-face session, you can also choose to have a session recording and detailed natal report sent to you after the session.

skype logoPaie conducts many of her sessions via Skype which is a free internet phone and video call service that you can download for free.

How do I book a session?

Once you have your date/time of birth and your city/country of birth, you need complete the booking form to give Paie your birth details. If you don't know the exact time of your birth, you will need to at least know the hour.  The booking form also gives you the opportunity to choose which type of reading (above) that you prefer. 

Once we receive your booking details, you can contact Paie or she will contact you to discuss your chart and schedule your session.  You're also welcome to contact Paie before you make a booking to find-out more about how she works and whether or not a reading is the best option for you.