Tarot Readings

tarot-cardTarot is an ancient form of orcacle that uses powerful archetypes to open doors to the hidden, sub-conscious dynamics at work in your life.  In the hands of an experienced reader, the cards become a means to access soul centred guidance that shed important light in your career, health and relationships.

In this one hour reading, you will gain clarity and vision to achieve your goals and connect to your guides. The cards are visual representations of the archetypes such as the hero or heroine that exist within our consciousness.


You can also choose to have your session recorded and the recording will be sent to you on CD.

The sub-conscious works directly with the physical body and in a tarot reading you sub-consciously select the cards that are most appropriate to you at that moment.

Paie has been giving Tarot and Numerology readings for over 15 years and has given readings to thousands of people.

She completed the Voyager Starseed Tarot Course with Dr James Waneless, PhD and creator of the famous Voyager Tarot deck.

skype logoPaie conducts many of her sessions via Skype which is a free internet phone and video call service that you can download for free.


More About Tarot & Numerology

Archetypes have common meaning in our collective consciousness and a tarot reading interprets these archetypes and symbols so that you can see how they, and the forces they represent, are at work in your life. The tarot is very much like a mirror that we can hold to see blind spots. It takes what lies in the subconscious mind and lays it out in front of you where you can see it more clearly.A tarot reading then interprets what's presented by the cards so that you can resolve issues and concerns, gain clarity and make better decisions.

Numerology was popular among early mathematicians such as Pythagoras. It is no longer considered part of mainstream mathematics in the same way that astrology has been usurped by astronomy as the mainstream approach to studying the stars.

All form has geometry and while physics involves the study of the geometry and mathematics of the known universe, numerology attempts to describe the forces behind the mathematics at work in your life. For example, your name and birth date can be viewed mathematically and then those numbers can be analysed to identify the forces that are influencing your life. This is how a numerology reading works.