Paie offers a range of body treatments that often combine relaxation with healing.  She uses different modalities depending on your circumstances and needs so your session may include remedial work, aromatherapy and aurasoma essences, reflexology, energetic healing techniques, reiki, chakra balancing and or trigger point therapies and more!

bodyworkHere are a few of your delightful possibilities.  Feel free to mix and match or talk to Paie at the commencement of your session to find out what might be best.

Lomi Lomi

Ths treatment is all about healing, detoxifying and energizing. It is a form of massage passed down from the Hawaiian Elders (Kupunas) and practised for thousands of years. The word "lomi lomi" means to touch with loving hands. Lomi reignites your life force or "mana".

Paie spent many years studying the traditional ways of Hawaiian lomi lomi in Hawaii with Hawaiian teachers.  She is passionate about Aloha spirituality and takes groups to Hawaii to experience the traditional culture of the islands.

Lomi Lomi involves long, rhythmic sweeping strokes flowing over the entire body, often with hot stones and reiki. This is a journey to the Islands, complete with exotic music and chants. It is the magic of Aloha — the energy of love and "pono" or presence. Paie studied lomi lomi in Hawaii, learning the true form of ancient healing.


This involves deep tissue techniques, cupping and acupressure to alleviate chronic stress and pain in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. This treatment is suitable for anyone who is highly stressed or someone who has sore muscles. However, it should be noted that all of the above bodywork sessions are very effective at relieving stress.

Reiki Balance

Reiki is a powerful form of ancient healing in which the practitioner opens to higher forms of energy that help you to relax and heal at a very deep level.    It is very easy to relax in to a state of meditation with Reiki and you can lose track of time in the deepened state of peacefullness that Reiki induces.

Aromatic Massaage

This involves using the healing power of aromatic essential oils and aura soma to create a deep sense of physical and emotional relaxation.


This involves using the reflex points in the feet to restore balance and health. The technique relies on the flow of Chi through the body’s meridians and organs to promote wellness and a deep sense of relaxation.